Bring your dog for a play date at the Colwall Park Hotel.

27th January 2024 – 11am Dachshund

24th February 2024 – 11am French Bull Dog

30th March 2024 – 11am Cockapoo

27th April 2024 – 11am Chihuahua

25th May 2024 – 10am Pug

29th June 2024 – 10am Yorkshire Terrier

27th July 2024 – 10am Shih Tzu

31st August 2024 – 10am Pomeranian

28th September 2024 – 10am Poodle

26th October 2024 – 11am Labrador

30th November 2024 – 11am Schnauzer

28th December 2024 – 11am Beagle

Meet other local people interested in play dates: share experiences, inspire and encourage each other!

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Group Photo

Large garden for doggie play time

For more information. Call us on 01684 540000